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29th Annual Day Celebration of SWAD

The SWAD organization has passed 29th year of social work with the poor in the different districts of southern Odisha. Now the Organization works in the district of Rayagada, Gajapati and Ganjam on different issues, i.e Natural Management, Agriculture,...

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International Day of Peace Celebration

In spreading compassion, kindness and hope in this challenging COVID-19 pandemic times with the theme of  United Nations’ International Day of Peace i.e. ‘Shaping Peace Together’, about 75 PeaceLovers and PeaceMakers of Odisha Peace Network lead by SWAD celebrated the Peace Day virtually...


Inter-Religious Dialogue for Peace

In order to have the understanding of each others beliefs and their values on human lives, SWAD initiated an Inter-Religious Dialogue for Peacebuilding at Chandragri representing major religious people from Hindu, Christian and Buddhism religions, and peace promoters like...