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Unity leads Onion cultivation

The village Patipanka is situated on a slope of the mountain. Consisting of 39 households 123 people live in this village. The village is purely dominated by the Tribal community. The panchayat is Dangeskhal under Mohana block of Gajapti district Odisha. Most of the people are illiterate. But the present generation are worried about getting […]



PATIENCE IS THE ESSENCE OF LIFE Name: Gurbada Raita Age: 62 years Sex: Male Village: Christopur GP: Birikote He was born with a disability. The Village Christopur is situated beside Adava Haravangi dam. The village is under the Birikote gram Panchyat, Mohana block of Gajapati district Odisha. 30 households of Soura Tribes live in this […]


Bricks Boost Women Economy

Gajapati district is a partially tribal district in the state of Odisha. The village Adapanka is coming under the Solaguda watershed. The village is under the Birikote Gram Panchayat of Mohana Block and situated near to Haravangi dam side. This village is 2 KM away from the GP office, 20 km away from Block & […]

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Vocational education protects life

Name: – Mery Mallick At: – Purunaga, Dist:- Gajapati, Mohona, Odisha. My name is Mery Mallick. We are five daughters and three brothers. I am the third child in the family. I have studied only class 5th. Because of financial problems I have to drop my studies and was helping my parents at home. Then […]

Adoption of home made Chhatua

Impact of Chhatua making Traing of SWAD at Bhalipanka Village Mr Pravanjan Biro32 yrs old and Mrs Usharani Biro 28yrs old a couple from Bhalipanka village, had attended Chhtua and Khechudi making training at Bhalipanka village, which was organized by SWAD. In the village. The has SWAD implementing the watershed project funded by CRS and […]

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Role of Village Task Force (VTF) At Kuttimera village

The Kuttimera village is belongs to Bodasindhiba GP of Mohana Block, Gajapati District. This village is populated with 18 household of 54 families. All they are belongs to Schedule Tribe (Khandha) categories. They had no drinking water facilities in their village as well as there was no proper road to reach the village. After intervention […]

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Woman Farmer and Her Family

Mrs. Suki Sabar is a mother of three children of Bahadapodar (Guchaguda) village of Goudagatha Gram Panchayat, Ganjam district, Odisha. Amidst poverty stricken life, her husband as the head of the family hardly supports Mrs. Suki Sabar and contributes for the family subsistence as he is addicted to alcohol and most of the time goes to metropolitan […]

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SMC Structure made Timoti Dalabehera and His Family Smile

Mr. Tomoti Dalabehera S/o – Mr. Pintula Dalabehera,  about 47 years of age, village – Patipanka was overwhelmed in sharing his happiness before the SWAD staff of his success. He said that he had 0.5 acre of dry land and a portion of encroached government land. Every year, he used to cultivate pulse like black […]