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The village Patipanka is situated on a slope of the mountain. Consisting of 39 households 123 people live in this village. The village is purely dominated by the Tribal community. The panchayat is Dangeskhal under Mohana block of Gajapti district Odisha. Most of the people are illiterate. But the present generation are worried about getting education for the mainstreaming of society. And they depend on daily wage for their survival.
Over a period, the new inception took place. In the year 2017 a voluntary organization SWAD (Society for welfare Animation and Development) reached the doorstep. Many controversies and challenges occur in the community. But patience and perseverance of the SWAD family ushered in write direction to these ignorant and innocent communities. Finally, the villagers became a part of Kelehuru watershed. The project was sanctioned and supported by the NABARD (WDF) fund. The SWAD staff took active part in the formation of the Watershed Development Committee. The project based so many activities took place. Committee members, village SHGs, landless, carpenters, masons, disabled and migrants all became part of this flagship programme. As an implementing agency SWAD played a vital role for NRM structure, livelihoods, and capacity building to women. The villagers participated in agriculture training, mushroom training, exposure, leadership training, formation and strengthening of CBOs etc.
After a year some farmers of this village intensively started onion cultivation in their land. It was the time of off seasons. But after NRM structure, while the water remains in watershed structure, some of the closest land of the farmers decided to cultivate the onion cultivation. It was a time of water scars and acute shortage of water in February and March. But while the flowing water remains stopped with structure most of the villagers benefited. A small patch of land the farmers produced more than a quintal of onion. Not only consume for the family rather they sold it into the market at a good price. Everyone got a price of Rs 7000/ to 9000/ within three months. Farmers like Mr Prafulla Dalbehera, Mr. Jayaba Dalbehera, Mr Prakash Dalbehera, Mr. Saidrika Mandal, and about 10 to 15 members benefited from the structure as well as onion cultivation.
Finally, all the farmers are happy to have a SWAD organization. They acknowledge their gratitude to all the staff members of the SWAD family.