SWAD facilitated to access, through “Community Health Promotion Program in Seven Gram Panchayats of Mohana Block, Gajapati District, Odisha” in 106 villages of 7 Gram Panchayats, government health schemes for the vulnerable communities. This initiative is implemented in the area where there is endemic to malaria, sickle cell anaemia, tuberculosis, skin diseases and other health problems. Seasonal migration to metropolitan cities in search of jobs and practice of unsafe sex has also introduced sexually transmitted diseases i.e. HIV-AIDS/STD among a certain percentage of the people.
Objectives: –
 By the end of three years 106 village communities of the seven Gram Panchayat in Mohana Block have functional VHC and other CBO who manage the health care concerns of their villages.
 2. By the end of three years the adolescents in 106 village communities have been sensitized on protection issues and facilitated to remain healthy in both mind and body.
 3. By the end of three years 106 villages of 7 GP in Mohana Block have increased their access to nutritious food security entitlements to keep themselves healthy.
 4. By the end of three years the health care facilitators of the project area are given capacity building trainings and they in turn multiply their knowledge and skills to promote a right based approach to community health care in the project communities
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