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Exposure visit on crops Intensification and Diversification

Date: 09.05.2023

Place: Sajanpur & Kutenpadar, Bhabanipatna

Type of participants: VWC & SHG member

Total participants: 18

Supported by: NABARD

On above described date, place and participants, an exposure visit on crops Intensification and Diversification was organized by Bhalipanka Jolo vibhajika Committee with the prior facilitation of SWAD, Birikote.

Agriculture Finance Corporation (AFC)

Agriculture Finance Corporation is an active facilitation agency working in Bhabanipatna; it has been working, more than decade for strengthening of livelihood of Adibasi, Dalits and marginalized farmers, through Natural Resource Management. AFC believes in Land & Water Conservation, through   this intervention land become fertility, which will cause increase of productivity. Beside these activities AFC also promotes for the farmers on Goatery, Fishery, Poultry, and Mushroom, vegetable & Haney cultivation for increase of income. For all these activities, AFC linkages with different institution for financials supports. It aims enhancement of farmer’s income throughout the year and proper marketization. Seeing these achievements different Banks have provided loan to the farmers on agriculture activities.

Banana cultivation

Mr.Nirmal Prodhan of Sajanpur village, is a farmer, use to cultivate paddy and vegetables, but he always face the lose, he approached to AFC, and with the support of NABARD, he has cultivated 600 G-9 variety of banana plants in ½ acre of land. In that garden he has cultivated crops diversification cultivation, like brinjal, pumpkin, flowers, chilly etc.

SHG initiation

Maa Mangala Self Helf Group of Sajanpur village, consists of 10 members has initiated mushroom cultivation after receiving the training on Mushroom cultivation. SHG has constructed a mushroom shed and have put 10 numbers of beds and processed all necessary arrangement.  Mrs. Subhashree Prodhan one of the SHG members says that, “We are striving to self dependant and increase our income collectively through Mushroom cultivation, so that, we can feed good & nutritional food to our family and rest of things will sale and make income”.

Mushroom Village (Chhatu Goan)

Kutenpadar is known as Mushroom village of Bhabanipatna. The village is consisting of   58 households out of that 53 households are engaged deeply and sincerely in Mushroom cultivation. ‘Kuten’ is a tribal words which meance Kutia.

The genesis of Mushroom village Kutenpadar, begins like this, a landless old woman, called Banadei Majhi, and attended Mushroom cultivation training in 20years ago, organizaed by AFC & NABARD. After receiving the training she, wanted to make it practical. Her first attempt was fruitful. After that she did not look back, completely she dedicated in Mushroom cultivation.  Mushroom cultivation show her livelihood options, gradually her income increased, family pathetic condition changed, economically strengthen, her children are able studied up to graduation, built new house to rest. Demand of Mushroom grew higher and higher. Big mushroom business man from town started business relationship. Seeing these activities, other people of village inspired and started Mushroom cultivation.

Mrs.  Banadei completely dedicated towards Mushroom cultivation and able to earned Rs.2, 00,000 per year. She has imparted many training in different places & to various peoples. Many families found the income sources. It is delighted to highlights that, she was awarded by the Governor of Odisha state in the year 2015, for the greatest contribution of Mushroom cultivation. At present the village is famous and well known for Mushroom village (Chaattu Gram). All 53 house hold completely dedicated in Mushroom cultivation. All these 53 families are leading a life of dignity and prosperity.


Grateful & thankful

The fortunate, VWC & SHG members, who had an exposure visit to those places, learnt different knowledge and skills, obtained confidences, especially on Mushroom cultivation, crops diversifications, crops intensification, banana cultivation etc. pays Grateful & thankful to facilitating & organizing agencies SWAD & VWC of Bhalipanka for providing an exposure visit.